Ruinz ASON Releases 2 Brand New Tracks - Stream Now

Ruinz ASON has released 2 new heavy weight singles produced by JFlames. Both tracks pack a punch with meaningful content combined with catchy melodies and a distinctly Afro-Caribbean Summer Vibe.

The first is 'Aurica's Song' an infectious vocal led, feel good track about a nonchalant party girl who's only interest is having a 'good time'.

The second Track  'BADDESS' featuring ASON's young Protege Indie Max, sees ASON taking us deep into the way he sees life, spraying some very introspective bars while Indie max owns the hook effortlessly mixing African, Caribbean and London slang.

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Ruinz ASON signs Publishing Contract

Ruinz ASON has signed a publishing contract with EMI (SONY/ATV) for 4 songs written and recorded by ASON and Produced by Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer and original member of Soul II Soul - Simon Law.

One of the songs 'The Ace' will be included on Simon's forthcoming album 'Look to the Sky' to be released this summer (2016)

Ruinz ASON to Play Streetfest 15

Ruinz Ason will play The Uk’s No.1 urban culture festival Streetfest. Returning bigger & better for it’s 8th year! Alive with an eclectic mix of music, art, dance, urban sport, & fashion, StreetFest brings together artists from a huge variety of street disciplines to showcase their amazing talents for one amazing day!

Ruinz will play a 30 min set with live band as the penultimate act on the unsigned stage