A Gifted Rhymer with plenty of Flows and Concepts, offering up the good and not so good sides of Life.- Hattie Collins [Rwd, The Guradian, ID Magazine'


Ruinz ASON - The multi-faceted Musician, Rapper and Producer hails from the sunny side of South London. Born into a musical family, he attributes his unique live performances to studying hours of live shows from the likes of Bob Marley & Prince. In recent years he has become known for his conceptional song writing and reputation for pushing artistic boundaries both visually and musically. When asked what inspired him to make music he explains;  

Music has always been me! I know that sounds weird but I've always felt like music was inside of me” 

Ruinz studied Music Technology at Croydon College and Commercial Music at The University of Westminster. In his final year he self-released his first solo Mixtape - 2008’s A Hero And A Villain Vol.1 noted at the time for being one of the first Mixtape’s to contain mostly original material.

“I just go by a feeling and try to give that feeling out to the people the best I can at the time...... I translate a vibration through the medium of sound waves”

Accompanied by brother DJ and producer J- Flames,they have independently released 5 musical projects, including album Hoodstarz and Villains which produced the popular single ‘Calling’. In a review with RWD Mag the album was described as a classic. A year later Champions Breakfast EP was released which spawned the popular singles Closer, Post Man and Too Sexy For A Funeral. The latest release is The Dubtrap Experience - a genre infusing project drawing influence from Dub, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Trap & Reggae and has so far spawned 2 singles - Wake Up and Higher, receiving support from SBTV, Link Up TV, BBC Radio 1, Radio 6, BBC Introducing Choice Fm/Capital Xtra, Channel AKA and WorldStar Hiphop to name a few. 

When people feel they've placed me in a box, I end up standing next to them looking at the box I was meant to be in. For me music is freedom”

Ruinz is currently working on a new Ep set for release later this year -